Does your Bass drum decal effect the sound of my drum?

Ive used a decals on my bass drum for the last 5 years and have never noticed a change in sound.


What material are your bass drum decals made of?

Here at custom gigs we use a high quality material called roodle, which is essentially just really durable vinyl

Do you offer returns?

In some cases yes absolutely, If the product comes damaged or not as expected and the customer can supply proof, We will issue a full refund.

Do you charge for graphic design?

We try an be reasonable here, Were willing to customize and create designs with the art you supplied free of charge, However due too time constraints we can only do so much before we would have to charge a small fee.

Do you have a physical store location?

As of right now unfortunately no, however if your near the Virginia Beach area we are willing to drive your order to your next gig free of charge to help you save on shipping.

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